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Have An Oscar Party – At Your Church?

Recently, as I’ve been speaking at conferences and events around the world I’ve been urging Christians to stop looking at Hollywood as the enemy, and start looking at Hollywood as a mission field. After all, what if Christians stopped just criticizing, and actually started praying for the most influential industry in the world? Something amazing might happen. But that’s long been the focus of two very effective ministry organizations based in Hollywood: The Hollywood Prayer Network and Mastermedia International. Now, both organizations are asking churches to do something many would never expect:

On Academy Awards night – February 22nd – have an “Oscar Party” at your church.

Yes – you read that correctly. As Dr. Larry Poland, founder of Mastermedia International stated in a recent email blast:

Would you like to see how God could use you and your church to impact Hollywood for good? To impact media eternally? Well, it could happen through prayer . . . in your church!
• What if Hollywood’s biggest day of the year was also your church’s biggest day of prayer . . . for media and entertainment?
• What if pastors and congregations and Sunday school classes nationwide prayed for media in one mighty movement . . . on Oscar Sunday, February 22, 2015?
It could happen—and we invite you and your church to join this strategic day of prayer for media on Academy Awards Sunday. One church of over 10,000 in California is planning: a) to give Media Leader Prayer Calendars to all who attend services that day; b) to recognize and “commission” all who work in media to be salt and light in their work/companies; and c) to spend time in the service praying for a spiritual awakening in media.
Ideas to mobilize prayer on Oscar Sunday, including how and when to order Media Leader Prayer Calendars and Sixteen Redemptive Prayers for Hollywood, can be found here.
• What might God do in media if 100 churches pray?
• What might God do in media if 1000 churches pray?
We know it will be good. And we know it will be eternal.
Let’s see what happens . . . on Oscar Sunday, February 22, 2015!

It sounds like a good idea to me. Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles has been doing it for years. They have an outstanding ministry to Christian professionals who work in the entertainment industry. Using a giant video projection screen to watch the Oscars together, Bel Air’s Oscar Parties are always fun, a great opportunity to discuss what God is doing in the culture, and spiritual encouraging.

We often complain about Hollywood, but what if we put our money where our mouth is, and pray?

Who knows what could happen?


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