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The ORU Turnaround

Just a year or so ago, I was writing on this blog about the revelations from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa.  Under the leadership of then President Richard Roberts, various professors had filed lawsuits as well as made serious allegations of financial wrongdoing and integrity issues – not to mention the university being more than $50 million in debt.  But in just this short time, things have dramatically changed.

Major donor Mart Green has led the campaign to turn things around at ORU, and the results have been astounding.  Through his own financial contributions, a new capital fundraising campaign, working out a deal for Richard Roberts to leave the university, transition to a more effective Board of Regents, and finding a new president, Mart and his team have given the school a second chance.  It’s an incredible story of what real leadership can do.

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  1. "It’s an incredible story of what real leadership can do."

    That is all that needs to be said…except for real leadership from the outside and all that that implies.

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