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People are built for cycles.  Science has shown us that eating, waking, and sleeping are all cycles, and if we get those cycles screwed up, we suffer the consequences.  Ever experienced jet lag?  Then you’ve experienced the consequences of messing with your cycles.  The problem is, we don’t take the cycle of “creativity” seriously enough.  We all have an optimum time for creativity, and when you try to break that cycle, the quality of your work suffers.

What’s your time?  Mine’s early morning.  From roughly 6am to noon, I can write books, blog posts, client strategy – whatever.  The most creative time of the day for me is the morning.  But once the clock ticks past noon, I’m done.  That doesn’t mean I can’t function, but I simply can’t perform at optimum creativity in the afternoon or evening.

So that’s when I schedule my “reactive” work.  I return phone calls, go to meetings, work on my schedule, deal with our team, and perform other administrative functions.

If you’re going to experience breakthrough, then you need to determine your optimum creative time.  Some are like me and work best in the morning.  But there are plenty of folks who perform best in the afternoon, and millions who keep “rock star” hours late at night.

Whatever your time is, isn’t important.  What’s critical is that you stick to it.  Don’t take phone calls, schedule meetings, or allow other distractions during that time.  Obviously if you have a regular job it’s difficult.  For me, I just shifted a bit earlier, so when I worked for someone else, I just came into the office at 5am and wrote until 8am.

Like I did, maybe you can shift a bit to allow for a normal job.  But whatever you do, take it seriously!   Your DNA is telling you that you’re built to perform at your best at a determined time.

So listen to your body, and start creating.

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  1. And, once you figure out your time, inject it with creative influence (which can be the larger challenge). Have your inspirational books, art, conversation pieces, Etc., at hand. Fueling creativity is as important as optimizing it with time.

  2. It’s interesting when your creative flow gushes when you’re just about asleep (keep a pad and pen near the bed!) or when you’re driving (use a hand held recorder or if can you write while not looking – keep a BIG tablet on the seat next to you!)   That’s definitely my time/place of creative inspiration.

    Oh … and procrastination often sends me into a frenzy of creativity at the last minute.  I guess you’d say I’m one of those who work well under pressure.   I’m not happy about that, but as I look back I see that sprinting to reach a deadline often aids my imagination.  


    1. Wow… just like me. I get most of my creativity while I’m driving. I’ve been writing while in traffic. I just finished a novel while waiting for the tow truck and the police.

  3. OMG norma jean, there IS someone else whose brain works just like mine…. you just wrote down MY creativity flow to a “T”!

  4. I’m at work at 7am every morning. I spend 2 hrs writing my book then clock on at 9am. The best 2 hours of the day – I treat it like a university exam – no distractions, just go hard or go home.

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, People wonder why I get up at 4am Monday – Friday its because I am at my best at this time I really enjoy this time in the morning it quiet I can spend time with God and study the word, I can spend time with my 2 dogs and with my self. I am able to plan my day best doing this time and allow my inner being to just be. With having your own business you are pull all day long for one thing or another and by the time I reach the office I have dealt and solved a number of problems with my employees. This time in the morning gives me time to think how it will be best to handle situations. To stay cool and use wisdom I simply love it!!

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