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Smoking Banned Onstage in Colorado

Politically Correct Alert:  To comply with Colorado’s indoor smoking ban, courts won’t let actors smoke onstage.  As a result, as reported in the LA Times, plays where smoking is integral to the plot or character development will not be performed any more in that state.  Laws that restrict smoking in public places are a good thing – but when does common sense come into play?  This is the nightmare of the modern, bureaucratic, regulated society.  We now live in a culture where people read what’s on the computer screen and stop thinking for themselves.  I’m so glad the government is here to save us from ourselves.

What do you think?  Is banning smoking onstage a good or bad thing?

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  1. It’s been that way in Chicago for years. Good thing, too. It was always an annoying thing for a theatre fan, and non-smoker, to enjoy a show once they light-up. (cough cough cough cough).  

    The smokers will get used to it. 🙂

  2. Not such a bad thing. My wife and I were talking about the series Mad Men, and both of us were amazed at how almost every character is a chain smoker, and every scene is filmed in a cloud of smoke. I’m old enough to have been alive in the ´50’s and I remember how much people smoked, but I don’t remember it being that bad. Surely they can make their point without all the smoke.

  3. But that’s just the point.  How do you show how it was back then without smoking, when you’re portraying a world where nearly everyone smoked?

  4. I like you Simon Dillon.

    Can I just say that diesel fumes are far more harmful – so why are we not up in arms about that? Oh yeah, it’s about the money and control. 

    Is there another planet I can move to???

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