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Many of our media clients wonder about internet behavior – when do people buy? How do they navigate sites? When’s the best time to unveil new products? Can you predict online buying or donating behavior? How do we maximize online advertising? If you’re one of those people who’s trying to figure out how to position your organization or products on your website, here’s some enlightening information from ComScore Networks, a Chicago Internet market research company:

Research indicates that most online buying happens on weekdays between 10am and 1pm, and then again later in the afternoon from 3pm to 5pm. After analyzing online shopping trends, here’s the breakdown of online buying per day:
Monday 18% of total sales
Tuesday 18%
Wednesday 17%
Thursday 15%
Friday 16%
on weekends it falls off to Saturday 9% and Sunday 8%.
Consumers spend the fewest dollars online between midnight and 8am.

Most internet buying happens from work, where people have access to higher speed online connections. Even though broadband is increasing in the home, any online promotion or advertising should be unveiled during the business day if you want maximum results.

The busiest day for online shopping is now called “Cyber Monday” – the first Monday after Thanksgiving, when people return to work, and apparently get really serious about Christmas buying.

Particularly if you’re running a time-based or click-based online advertising campaign, you’re wasting precious money if you unveil the ad at night. Better to run it in the afternoon, when online buying is high, and online advertising competition is low.

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