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Change is Here and People Are Searching For It

Are people really interested in change?  A Yahoo report of all the searches that contained the word “change” in a single month came up with these responses:

429,756 – Career Change
68,325 – Change
18,223 – Sex Change  (unexpected, I admit)
13,473 – Change Management
8,211 – Change the World
8,011 – Change of Pace
7,774 – Winds of Change
4,921 – Name Change
3,879 – Life Change
3,311 – Quotes on Change
2,228 – Organizational Change
1,170 – Social Change
1,661 – Managing Change

And this was just a tiny few of the types of searches done around the world “change.”  Apparently, the world is ready for change to happen – are you?

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  1. If you don’t mind, I’d rather stick to Absolute Truth: The Never-Changing Son of God; both in this life and in the next.

  2. The REAL truth is that God never changes – but everything else does. Culture, trends, styles, technology, and people change. And if we’re not aware of how and when these changes are happening, we’ll lose our credibility with the very audience we need to reach.

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