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Be Honest: Are You Addicted to Being Online?

The American Psychiatric Association is focusing more and more attention to our online behavior – some might say “addiction.”  For instance, they’ve officially recommended “Internet-use Gaming Disorder” for further study.  I’m a contributor to Fast Company magazine, and they recently did a reader poll and discovered that 47.5% of their readers admitted to feeling addicted to the Internet. Perhaps a more revealing look at people’s behavior is the question of what people are willing to give up to spend more time online:

70% are willing to give up sleep
68% are willing to give up going to the bathroom
40% are willing to give up time with friends
37% are willing to give up time with their significant other
31% are willing to give up time with parents or siblings
28% are willing to give up meals
12% are willing to give up time with children

I’m reminded by Luke 12:34:
“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

People’s hearts are always revealed by how they prioritize their time.  How about you?  What are you willing to give up in order to spend more time online?

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  1. After having to live without internet access at my apartment for a few months I have noticed how my ‘need’ for it has changed. When I can, I check my email, banking, and briefly check on my social media notifications. I use to scroll through facebook and read the same posts over and over again, wasting time. Now I look to fill my time with more productive things, like learning After Effects. I use to see it as a need but now it would just be a nice thing to have, mainly for Spotify.

    1. Thanks for the post Gus. I agree – having regularly travelled in places without access, it’s just like addiction. You get the shakes at first 🙂 but eventually you adjust to the new reality. Just watching people at restaurants or at the mall, I can see that people are “addicted” more seriously than they think…

  2. The easy way to tell is to check your responses, when your phone/tablet isn’t nearby. I was horrified recently when I (temporarily) lost my phone. I was anxious, stressed and when I logged on to findmyiphone, to try and locate it, my hands were shaking. If that’s not all the signs of an addict, I don’t know what is! 😱😱

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