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The Power of One Big Thing

I’ve written many times about the freeing power of priorities. In making change happen, one of the biggest obstacles is not knowing where to start, but knowing which decisions are the most important. Great leaders rarely carry packed briefcases or file folders. Great leaders get that way not because they know how to push around information, but because they know how to make decisions.

To accomplish that – particularly at that level – you have to know what is important and what isn’t. Recently, I read a short but important post on “that one thing” – the one priority you need to accomplish every day. I’m reminded of Judy Morgenstern’s book written years ago, “Never Check E-mail in the Morning.” She believes that if you come into the office and immediately check your e-mail, you’ll discover that 3 hours later, you’re still doing it. Instead of getting caught in that vortex, come into the office and do the most important thing you need to accomplish that day. Spend your first hour or two (or 3) working on that, and only then, start checking your e-mail. Then watch your productivity shoot up.

Now read this post called “Managing Change with one Sticky Note” by Courtney Kingston from the blog “Rebecca’s Pocket.”

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