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Will Obama Change Strategy? A Lesson.

Up to now, Barack Obama’s political and media strategy has been to be the “voice of change.”   No content, but loads of “change.”  It’s actually very planned.  If you listen to Obama, you won’t hear much related to actual policy, experience, or strategy.  His concept up to this point has been that hopefully, he can look good, spout the change manta, and gather momentum.  That way, he doesn’t really have to
give away his positions – because if he did, America would realize he’s one of the most left leaning Senators in Washington.  In fact, he’s left of Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.  And up to now, the strategy has worked.   But after he pounded Hillary in the last 10 straight races, she’s gotten tough, and coincidentally, so has McCain.  As a result, it appears their harder attacks won’t let him slip by any more without answering in very specific terms.
So now, we’ll see if he is forced to tell the public what he really believes on the issues, and I think they’ll be pretty surprised.  For instance, one of his repeated chants has been that he’ll bring “post partisan” change – saying he doesn’t believe in “red states or blue states” and wants to bring America together.  But as the Wall Street Journal pointed out, he hasn’t worked across party lines since he’s been in office.  He wasn’t part of the “Gang of 14” that tried to find common ground on the judicial nominations.  And when it comes to any issue of substance, he’s been one of the most partisan votes in the Senate.
So if Hillary and McCain force him to step up and actually say something deeper than “change” then I think many of his supporters will be shocked.  Of course they would already know that if they studied his record, but cloaking his extreme left views in “centrist” language is about to get exposed publically.   You can fool all the people some of the time…

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  1. I read an article on Obama the other day and the author referred to Obama as the “picture perfect postcard.” If you look at his website, the family photos, etc. everything is made to give the impression….um…perception that he is the perfect candidate….albeit for change.

    What I find interesting about Obama as of late is the fainting spells that are occurring regularly during his speeches. Ben Shapiro has been tracking them and found that Obama’s response to the fainting(s) is also very calculated, so much so that he does the same gestures, and says the same thing every time someone faints. Weird. How does that continue the perspective of the perfect candidate? He so perfect people pass out?

    Remaining Steadfast,


  2. We always need to be watchful and discerning, very charming-not a lot of substance…I am scared he could be elected and the ramifications of that..we need to be watchful and active if possible…

  3. I've read and heard in a few places that Obama won't recite the pledge of allegiance, put his hand over his heart during the anthem, and that he was pledge into office on the Quran. How come mainstream media won't report on this?

  4. Respectfully disagree. Barack has very real policy positions and much more substance than given credit here. I think the all "talk" perspective is unfair and inaccurate. The most successful people know how to bring out the talents and gifts of those around them. They know how to delegate and bring people together. If Barack lacks in any area of his policies, I am confident he will make up for that by empowering the team around him. His humility is more godly to me than any of the other candidates. Now we just need to let God work on his heart to change his opinions on the moral issues. But to strip him of substance is just wrong.

  5. Let's see – he's never run a company, managed a state, only been a Senator for a short time, never created any significant legislation or been involved in important coalitions or projects… and we're looking to him to lead the most powerful country on the earth during a time of war?  Great package, just not much to back that up.

  6. It’s interesting that last year, the media complained that Obama’s speeches were too detailed on policy. So when he moved to the more inspirational approach, the media complains more.

    Actually the guy is a real policy geek if you look at the last South Carolina debate, he’s almost a Vulcan in detail about discussing legislation. Several books written about him and by him do not demonstrate a lack of knowledge or lack of effort in politics.

    I’m sure as the general election ramps up, he will demonstrate more GRAVITAS, to continue to build MOMENTUM about the power of hope and CHANGE.

  7. Phil: "In fact, he’s left of Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton."

    It could be, after eight years of Dubya and his "conservatism", that America actually wants a left-leaning candidate in the White House. Think FDR coming after Hoover. FDR is on our dimes, Hoover isn't.

    For myself personally, I have gotten sick and tired of having to choose between the Party of Greed, Globalism, and Quagmires, and the Party of Abortion, Buggery, and Surrender.

    I'm voting for the Neitherist Party.

  8. First of all, let me begin by stating that I voted for neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama in February’s primary.


    Phil’s blog raises some good points. Interestingly enough, when Barack Obama started his quest for the presidency, many critics claimed that his platform and presentation were too academic, and they found him boring. Remember his background, he is a former professor of constitutional law and his grooming and personality appeared to incline him towards being too detailed and policy driven. Subsequently, his inspirational approach garnered great support from voters and boos from many of the same critics.


    The goal of business is to turn a profit and the goal primary campaign is to win the most delegates. Hillary Clinton has recognized the fact that the people want more than just policy and out of desperation she has decided to “throw the kitchen sink” at Barack Obama. She also has recognized that she needs to inspire the people and has recently stepped up branding her self as a “fighter”. Some of her tactics have been fair and some have been below the belt. One thing that appears to be happening is that people are paying more attention to her and her campaign and tonight we will see if that has translated into winning more delegates.


    But Phil’s comments are about Barack Obama and his lack of substance. Unfortunately, no distinction is shown between Obama’s simple and extremely effective public presentation that is focused on appealing to the masses (especially younger voters who could care less about policy detail) and the information that he reserves for policy sessions. Unlike an effective minister, during a primary an effective candidate plays more the role of a preacher/profit (John the Baptist style) with a single call to action (“Obama = Change”) than that of gospel teacher.


    These candidates have teams and often times their policies are created by groups of people, or specialists, not the candidates themselves. Mostly what leaders do is employ their judgment to accept or reject the plan and take the credit or the fall, depending on the success or failure of whatever is put forth. President Bush didn’t design the attack plan for the offensive in Iraq, nor did he design the reconstruction plan, but he certainly is taking the fall for his bad judgment in allowing us to proceed into what is widely considered a messy and expensive situation that is more complex than we expected.


    The most effective President is a visionary leader with excellent judgment and a team of brilliant political engineers united behind him. If Barack Obama is wise, he will surround himself with the most competent specialists in every area and rally their genius around his vision for the direction of this nation. He will also utilize his exceptional relational skills as he works with the different branches of government to allow his policy recommendations to pass and works with the international community to fix our tarnished image and restore and create positive relations with them.


    Many political analysts have noted that he and Hillary Clinton have similar plans in many regards (which would be impossible if he had empty plans, as Phil’s blog suggests). The most recent debates (the last 3-4) have allowed for Hillary and Barack to highlight the differences between their plans and their approaches. Barack actually emphasized many important, detail oriented differences. Granted Hillary has generally articulated more drill down detail, but that does not mean that Barack does not have viable plans and it doesn’t mean that he is will fare poorly as president. To be honest with you, when Hillary Clinton insisted on belaboring the health care portion of the most recent debate, her lack of restraint caused many viewers concern, but she sure did have a lot of policy detail. What they saw was a person who looked like she was having a hard time leading herself much less a nation in peril.


    What the American people desire most in a president is excellent leadership and exceptional judgment. If the quality of Barack Obama’s campaign is any indication, he sure knows how to pick the right advisors and he sure knows how to move America in the direction he desires. As many people have commented, Barack has more foreign policy experience than Bill Clinton did his first go round and more experience than Abraham Lincoln. If God, who chooses all leaders (read your Bible), decides to have him lead this nation, I don’t expect him to be perfect, but I won’t be surprised if he is excellent.


    P.S. The reason I didn’t vote for either o
    f them is because of their stance on abortion and gay marriage. We’ll see what happens in the General Election. I have a problem with the way much of the Republican Party has used the name of Jesus to forward an agenda He would not find befitting of his name.


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