Religious Media Research Symposium in Dallas

On Monday and Tuesday, I’ll be hosting a portion of the National Religious Broadcasters Research Symposium at the Gaylord Resort in Dallas.  In my workshop we’ll be discussing “Current Religious Trends” and looking at research about current religious attitudes and the religious shift that’s happening in our culture.  If you’re looking for answers to audience attitudes, religious trends, Christianity & public policy, and donor development, come to the NRB Research Symposium.

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  1. CND may be interested that as an attender of the conference (I’m a Gen-X female radio station manager), I spoke to those who coordinated the conference and asked for some diversity of voices for the next time…the comments were very well taken.


    I enjoyed the whole symposium, but my greatest concern for the NRB and its members is if the pertinant research will be executed by the practitioners. If the information is not digested, communicated, and integrated into some sort of strategy by respresentative media organizations, then it will have been just another “lovely conference.”

  2. That is a mighty white, male and aging set of panelists.  Not looking too future oriented (beyond speakers like you and Kinnaman delivering the bad news).   If I was a gambler, I’d bet against the future of the NRB….

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