National Religious Broadcasters Conference Begins

I just arrived in Nashville at the NRB Conference, hosted by the Opryland Hotel. We flew in on the flight from Los Angeles having met up with the contingent of Christian broadcasters from Australia. If you’re on the fence, and can get here this weekend, I would urge you to come. Regardless of what you think about the event, it’s still the only place where the majority of Christian media professionals gather in one place for the week. You can check out the conference and schedule here. There are plenty of highlights. I’ll be doing
a “Branding Faith” book signing on Monday at 1:30 at the iQuestions booth. The Walt Disney Company is doing a blow out affair on the power of stories on Sunday night and I’ll be hosting them the next morning at the Reach Keynote. We’ll also have Simon Swart, Executive VP and General Manager of Fox Home Entertainment and Phil Vischer from Jelly Fish Labs and creator of Veggie Tales. The Reach Keynotes are the place where we’ll be discussing the future of media and interacting with some significant names in the industry. Also, before the Disney event on Sunday night, the nation of Israel will be hosting a “Celebrate Israel” concert at Two Rivers Baptist Church – just across the road from the Opryland Hotel. There will also be plenty of intriguing workshops and seminars – from branding to media production, to marketing and leadership. Good stuff with good speakers. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.


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  1. Man, everywhere I go these days it's all about 'story.' I would love to know if there will be a transcript or video online of Disney's 'power of stories' event on Sunday. Would you keep your eyes and ears out for something like that for all of us who could not attend? Thanks.

  2. I saw this in the program book:

    CDs can be purchased after the convention by contacting Network Communications at
    1-800-747-1426 or order online at http://www.networkcommuniationsaudio.com/nrb2008

    I plan on flying out there tmrw. There's a buy-one-get-one-free offer for new attendees (which I am). I'm hoping to find someone out there to split the cost w/ me. If anyone's interested, go to booples.com and write me today. Thanks!

  3. Anthony,

    Hey Man, I saw you from a distant in the expo today.  We have met a few times through Metro Media Minsisters Association.  I was Minister of Media at fbchendersonville here in TN. I recently made the move to First Jackonsonville.  I hope all is going well.  Are you still doing conferences yourself.  Sorry, Phil I met Anthony before you became BIG TIME.  Anthony God Bless.

    Jeff Stoll

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