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Now Is The Time for Churches and Ministries to Produce Short Videos

Don't forget this powerful tool for telling your story - especially right now.

During the age of COVID-19, there’s never been a more important time to tell your story through digital platforms. I’ve written quite a bit about why churches, ministry organizations, and conferences should be live streaming, but it’s also critical to use short films to tell your story. Whether you broadcast those videos on your own website, post to social media sites or a YouTube channel, during times when it’s difficult to gather or even communicate, the ability to share short videos can help you bridge the gap – and even grow your organization.

Since I’ve written about so many aspects of short videos, I thought I’d organize the posts into this single source to help you with a quick tutorial on why you need short videos, and how to produce them.

Why You Should Tell Your Story With Short Videos

Why Short Video Is The Right Choice to Tell Your Story

The Growing Influence and Popularity of Short Videos

Four Ways to Make Short Videos Deliver

Five Keys to Shooting Better Videos and Short Films

Four Important Keys to Successful Fundraising Videos

Ten Keys To Shooting a Great Video Interview

Three Secrets to Great Short Films

I’m Not Watching Your Online Video Because It’s Too Long

Want More Online Viewers? Make It Shorter

There you go. It’s a virtual online education in producing short videos for your church, ministry, or nonprofit. Please share this with pastors, ministry leaders, and communication and media professionals you know. And it doesn’t take a full crew and expensive video equipment. If you have a mobile device in your pocket, then you’re ready to start.

Now – get out there and start telling your story!

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  1. Great advice, Phil, as always! We here at Lamb & Lion Ministries also have just begun to create 2-3 minute devotionals called “Prophetic Perspectives” and release them daily on our YouTube and Facebook pages. We’re hoping they’ll provide hope and comfort during this difficult time. There are plenty of opportunities to share Christ over the Internet!

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