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Non-Profit Law for Religious Organizations

A lot of the questions I receive here on the blog are about legal issues that religious and non-profit organizations face.  Do I pay taxes on book sales?  Can a non-profit own a for-profit business?  What about product sales?  These types of questions – especially administrative and governance issues – are extremely important.

That’s why Bruce Hopkins and David Middlebrook’s new book “Non-Profit Law for Religious Organizations” is a great resource.  It’s easy to understand, and covers a wealth of issues and subjects.  Get it.  Make sure it’s on the bookshelf of your administrator or COO.  I always recommend an attorney and CPA’s advice, but for the quick answers you need on a wide range of issues, this reference is hard to beat.

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  1. Great suggestion. I've got a relevant question on a monthly basis. I was a little disappointed that it has a 'law book' price. It's a paper back for $40? wow!

    Any suggestions for media law? Of course 'fair use' is always a big one in non-profit circles, even though the user has nothing to do with the legality of it's use. 

  2. Not to be petty, but if you can't afford $40 for a book that could keep you out of jail, then maybe this isn't a career field for you….  🙂

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