Is Hollywood Ninevah?

Here's an interesting article by Karen Covell of the Hollywood Prayer Network.

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  1. I think it is a good thing for us to remember that the ultimate purpose of God’s judgement has always been for correction. The Bible clearly states that God does not wish for anyone to perish, but that all would come to repentance. We know that we each have free will and some will choose to rebel against God’s offer… but His offer still stands – “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” We see both in Ninevah and even in Sodom and Gomorrah that God desires people to repent and turn back to Him in a loving relationship. He would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah had there been righteous ones in these cities… able to bring influence, but there were not and the people were unrepented. Yes, God loves the inhabitants of the entire world so much that Christ was sent to bring us redemption. Let us remember that the only thing that seperates us from judgement is our receiving what Christ did… not what we did. “Freely you have received, freely you give.” Let those of us who name the Name of Christ – let us live as He lives and realize that the scriptures say that anyone from any nation who repents and serves God will be received by God. Yes, I believe Hollywood is Ninevah. I believe that we need to find genuine ways to share the Gospel with those in Hollywood. Boycotting does have it’s place, we see this with the Civil Rights Movement… but a single tool does not work for every mechanical part. So we must prayerfully discover which tools work for making a difference in the Hollywood industry. Jonah definitely had a lot of issues, but an interesting thing about him is that he was able to overcome many of his prejudices as he yielded to God’s intense prompting. We also learn from the Ninevah Experience that missions is truly the heart of God because He would not let Jonah be until the mission had been completed – until the people of Ninevah had the opportunity to hear the truth and repent of their sins and be reconciled back to God. But let me ask this tough question: What about all of the people who died in Ninevah, while Jonah was busy running from God’s calling on his life? May we learn from Jonah and be willing to be honest with God about our own prejudices and yet still choose to yield to God’s command and go and tell the message. But may we learn this lesson a lot sooner.
    Allen Paul Weaver III
    author, Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers

  2. Hey Phil, Always interesting to see what you're up to!:) I was pleasantly surprised to read in the Hollywood Prayer Network that bloggers are today's prophets. Never heard that before!

    Very interesting concept, especially since I run The Blog/Zine Network through meetup.com. Maybe you'll have to come and visit my group to share that perspective if it's one you hold too. I personally, find it a little hard to believe since I've been blogging for almost a year and haven't predicted anything yet, but hey, that's just my blog. Maybe you prophesy in yours!:)

    Anyway, nice to connect with you here. Hope all is well!

  3. Hi Phil,

    What a wonderful article. I would have to sadly agree with you on Hollywood being a "type" of Ninevah and that San Francisco is the modern day Sodom and Gmorrah.

    And you are right, boycotting does work, if for a little while. It does get a Christians point across as to who is paying Hollywood's salaries. There is such a thing as decency and dignity still in America and I would hope around the world.

    Plus, it is not Hollywood who is rasing my babies, it is me and my hubby. If I wanted Hollywood to raise my babies, I would have dropped them off at any of their lots.

    Also, all these horror and sexual explicit movies have got to stop. There is nothing safe of TV or in the movies anymore.

    Take care and God Bless,

    Mom of Twin Girls

  4. I think you may have completely missed the point of Karen's article.  She absolutely believes boycotting is a last resort only, and we should embrace Hollywood, not condemn it…

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