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Nielsen’s Latest Social Media Report

Here’s Nielsen’s Q3 social media report. Expand it out, go through it, and let me know if you agree, or what you’re thoughts are on the state of social media today…

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  1. Wow, now I know why it’s so dang hard to get one on one personal time with people. I am trying to keep up some on a changing world cause I don’t want to become an “out of touch” curmudgeon quite yet. But it is awfully hard to be positive about the fact that it appears people seem to be replacing personal body time with disembodied communications. 

    Yes, I agree that social networking can be a legitimate tool for expanding connections and relationships just like the phone did, etc. But when it becomes a replacement for bodily presence, I see a depersonalizing effect that is destructive. I am becoming less interested in friends whose attention is on their smart phone when they are hanging with me because is says they are NOT as interested in my person as they are in their “communications” in the ether. Actions speak louder than words.

    It is almost as if that which is increasing network connections and communications is alienating human presence and therefore personal human connection.

    Disembodied communications should only be a temporary continuance of an otherwise bodily presence, NOT the replacement of it.

    Okay, I am a curmudgeon.

    But I think social networking is great for advertising my new products!

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