Should Religious Organizations Shift their Media Focus to Blogs?

Matthew Phillips at Cooke Media Group pointed out an interesting debate that's going on about blogging nationally.  Newspapers are shifting their online focus from reporting news, to creating blogs that generate conversations about news, entertainment, sports, living, business travel, with multiple blogs in each category.  I think it's the kind of conversation we need to be having with churches and other religious and non-profit organizations.  As someone said recently, shifting "from conversions to conversations."   Let me know if the discussion from the world of newspaper publishing is something we should be considering in the religious media world.

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  1. I agree with Rick. “Without conversation there is no true conversion.” Even the Apostle Paul had a conversation with Christ on the Damascus road before he was converted.
    We have so many churches where the congregants only listen to the preached word and don’t get an opportunity for real engagement of God’s truth. Your average church goer spends only a few hours in church throughout the week, but spend the rest of the 165 hours engaging in multiple conversations. Blogging could help increase retention rates for Sunday teachings and understanding as well… (not to mention help decrease the stigma of talking about religious ideals outside of the sanctuary or classroom) if people on both sides of the blog genuinely want conversation and not just to spout their own opinions.

    Allen Paul Weaver III
    author, Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers

  2. I'm old-school; I personally prefer to have discussions on email lists or (to really show my "Internet age") on Usenet newsgroups … I always have a hard time remembering to "go to" the blogs (even excellent ones like this!)  But a recent discussion with my sixteen-year-old daughter emphasized how quickly things are changing … she rarely checks her email, because it's basically outdated; all of her conversations are IM!  I guess there is a truism: by the time the MSM is talking about something, it's already passé …  In a sense, blogging is already "yesterday's news."  (I'll have to check in with her to see what's replacing blogs!)  Anyone up for ministry on the bleeding edge? 😉

  3. Leonard Sweet taught me something interesting about this issue.  He said that e-mail is nothing but a digital letter.  We type it, and format it like a letter, then hit "send".  Today's kids are using Internet Messenger and similar programs.  My daughters will have 7 or 8 iChat's open at once – all talking to different people.  We boomers love e-mail, because it's just an electronic version of what we know.  We have to be open to how the next generation communicates…

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