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The New Media World is Here. What Are You Doing About It?

In “Shoot” magazine this month, writer Robert Goldrich reports on his conversation with Judy Hu, General Electric’s global executive director for advertising and branding (love that title), who says that experimentation in new media has graduated from being “important to being absolutely necessary… It has become part of standard operating procedure.  It’s no longer a value-added extra.  Experimentation is an essential part of our process with the media marketplace constantly changing.”

This past summer the number of Youtube downloads surpassed prime time viewing audiences, TV networks are selling episodes online, and political parties are dispatching armies of video shooters to catch the opposition candidate’s mistakes and upload them for millions of people to see.

And yet, most faith-based organizations and producers can’t read the writing on the wall.  What are you doing out there?  I’d love to hear from innovative producers that are working with the third screen, and making the digital world happen.  Let us hear from you!

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