A "Power Sharing" Proposal for Oral Roberts University

According to the Tulsa World, Mart Green, Oklahoma City businessman who has offered $70 million to bail Oral Roberts University out of it’s financial problems is proposing a plan that would open up leadership to a more contemporary style of governance. The World reports, “Green’s statement says: “The proposal will focus on accepted twenty-first century shared governance principles. To help develop this proposal, the Green family has retained several nationally renowned experts in Christian higher education.”  The American Federation of Teachers describes shared governance as an administrative model “under which college faculty and staff participate in significant decisions concerning the operation of their institutions.” Right now, oddly enough, ORU’s board of regents has no representation by any current faculty or staff members.

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  1. Hallelujah!

    My concerns expressed earlier as an alumnus just lowered considerably!

    I hope he is successful in helping to move ORU in this direction.

    If they will not, I hope he withholds the support until they are ready to do so.

  2. Any school or entity (yes, even government) that is driven by an individual (or small group of individuals) with minimal accountability will eventually crash land at some point. Even more so when we an empire built on greed. RIP ORU

  3. No organization could ask for better help than the Green family — they have great integrity, godly character, keen business sense with loads of experience, and are mission driven at heart.  If ORU chooses to accept their help, I think it is looking at a very bright future.

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