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New Study: 6-Second Video Ads are Getting a Response

Whatever you do, don't blink....

Over my lifetime, on television we went from 60-second commercials to 30-second commercials and then to 15-second commercials. The advertising industry is desperately trying to keep up with two things:

1) The rising cost of media
2) The shortening of our attention spans

And now, in a new study released by MAGNA Global, in association with IPG Media Lab, and Snap Inc., they have discovered that as our consumption of video continues to evolve, extremely short advertisements are getting a positive response.

As the report states: “In the early days of short video ads, they were primarily effective at generating awareness and less so when it comes to persuasiveness. Today, however, both short and long video ads have the ability to impact metrics across the purchase funnel. The change can be attributed to the rise of short form premium content, creative tailored for short form viewing, and advertisers simply getting better at communicating in short ads.”

It’s hard to believe that you can tell the story of a product or share a message within 6 seconds, but with a social media generation who has grown up with distraction, there’s really no reason it shouldn’t work. Plus, creatives are getting much better at figuring out the secrets of telling a 6 second story.

Bottom line: The future is going to be quick…..

Photo by Piotr Janus on Unsplash

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