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Why You Should Never Check E-Mail in the Morning

If you want a tip to change your life that will work right now, check out Julie Morgenstern’s classic book “Never Check eMail in the Morning.” Nothing will help you on the journey toward life change like changing your priorities and getting organized so that you can accomplish your goals.

Her principle is simple.  Most of us check our email first thing.  And then suddenly, about 10 or 11am, we discover we’re still checking email.  It’s a giant black hole that sucks us in.  But instead – come into the office and work on the most important thing you have to do first.  Then check your email later.  Your productivity will shoot through the roof.  Even more important, you’ll start the day with a feeling of accomplishment – not chasing after other people’s priorities.

Julie’s book is practical, and features changes that will help you focus your time on the things that matter most. Remember:

Stop spending so much time on what other people think is urgent, and spend more time on what really matters.

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  1. I made this decision over a year ago. I haven’t take it as far as she suggests but I’m not opposed to that either. i still do my Quiet Time first now but then check email then get to sermon work. Maybe it is time to switch that around and see how it goes.

  2. My email changes my priorities minute by minute. Not checking it means working on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

    1. Especially if you’re a freelancer, I understand the challenge! But the key is that if you’re constantly checking email, you’re NOT doing the project that really needs to be done… 🙂

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