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The National Association of Broadcasters Association

Kathleen and I are speaking this week at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB) in Las Vegas. It’s the largest media conference in the world, and is the showcase for all new equipment in the industry. Barry Cobus, who founded “Technologies for Worship” magazine a number of years ago, approached the NAB with the idea of starting a “Worship Technology” track of workshops and classes. Barry convinced the NAB of the growing market of church and ministry broadcasters, and the NAB leadership has really embraced the concept.

Now, I’m proud to be working with a group of teachers and trainers who are doing a wide range of workshops on TV and radio production, lighting, sound, marketing, branding, directing actors, networking, and more.

This is a great example of Barry’s idea of embracing the secular culture and making an impact there, instead of doing a specifically “Christian” conference. We need more thinkers like this – people who aren’t afraid of engaging the culture. My hat’s off to Barry and his team. After one of my classes today, a young man came up to me and said, “I’m not a Christian, but I have to tell you that what you’re doing is awesome. It’s really fascinating, and I want to know more.” Thanks Barry.

You’re a real media missionary.

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  1. This is great! It tells me we are starting to do some things right and that the world is starting to take notice. I think it's great that we have conferences for christian leaders, and things like NRB…but what a great door to open to be able to speak to the entire industry and let them know the Church is about excellence…and to show them that though much of what we have done in the past in regards to media and marketing has sucked, we're starting to wake up.

    These types of opportunities are also great in the fact that we are being IN the world instead of hiding withing our walls.

    I hope we see more opportunities like this arise. I'll be speaking at the HOW design conference next month in Boston and am excited about the opportunity to put a new light on the church and how it communicates.

    Michael Buckingham : Holy Cow Creative

  2. NAB and HOW are two of the biggest conventions in the real world. It is great to see the good guys among us being asked to present at these events.

    Phil, your track record with large ministries, pulling them by their hairpieces into the 21st century and Michael, your cutting edge design and leadership in the Church Marketing Sucks world position you both as trend-setters which the church and the secular marketplace can equally learn from.

    I applaud this trend and trust it is the tip of the iceberg as more and more of us start being recognized for our work, our ethics and our forward thinking.

    thanks…. I love you guys!

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