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My Top 15 Blog Posts for 2018

At the end of every year, I like to go back and see the most popular posts I wrote during the last year. It’s an interesting opportunity to see what readers are responding to, and what issues are at the forefront of the churches, ministries, and nonprofits we’ve worked with over the last 12 months. There might be some that you missed, so take a look at the list (it starts with the most popular) and let me know what you think:

1. What About #MeToo And Pornography?

2. 8 Reasons Why Christians Have Lost Credibility in Today’s Culture

3. The Internet and the Rise of Christian Mobs

4. The 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts When Directing for Church IMAG Screens

5. Be Careful of People Who Constantly Complain About their Job

6. When a Church or Ministry Should Die

7. 10 Reasons You’re Not Ready to Lead a Creative Team

8. What Christians Aren’t Doing on Sunday Morning

9. My Top Ten Secrets To Improve Your Public Speaking

10. Announcing Our New Book: The Way Back

11. Why I Use a Printed Notebook for Ideas and Planning

12. What’s On Your Phone? Erwin McManus

13. Are American Missionaries A Thing of the Past?

14. How to Move Church Members from “Customers to “Advocates”

15. Nonprofits And Religious Organizations: Why Telling Your Story Will Be More Important Than Ever in 2018

And for a bonus, although it was written back in 2012, this was by far the most read post from my blog during 2018:
How to Deal with Petty and Insecure People

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