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My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

It’s always a surprise to see what people like (and sometimes dislike) on my blog. That’s why I love sharing what you felt were the best (and maybe worst) posts of the year. So for better or worse, here’s the Top Ten posts that people enjoyed and responded to most often during 2015:

Ten Things To Remember Your First Day on a Film Shoot

Five Non-Christian Habits Christians Need to Learn

Why Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis Isn’t A Christian Hero

How to Deal With Petty and Insecure People

How to Spot the Best Leader in the Room

5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About TV Evangelists

Stop Giving Advice to People Who Don’t Ask For It

Leaders: 5 Warning Signs That You’ve Lost Your Influence

Hillary Clinton: The Perfect President for a Nation That’s Given Up

The Most Misunderstood Role in Ministry: The Executive Pastor

Any suggestions for 2016?  Let me know the topics you’re interested in, and I”ll do my best to give those topics a shot in the new year!

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