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My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

At the close of every year it’s interesting (at least for me) to see what I’ve written that resonates the most with readers. To that end, here’s my Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts for 2019. I’d love to hear your opinions about why they were the most popular. It always helps me refine topics for the future!

How to Deal with Petty and Insecure People

Stop Giving Advice to People Who Don’t Ask For It

The 10 Most Common Communication Problems

The Most Misunderstood Role in Ministry: The Executive Pastor

The Guy Who Cut the Door Into The Last Supper

The Unique Planner for Creative Professionals

Why One of the Largest Churches in the World Doesn’t Worry About Outreach Programs

The Puritan View of Entertainment

10 Things Christians Would Be Doing Today If We Actually Believed The Bible

Why It’s Time for Christian Leaders to Stop Obsessing Over the Next Generation

Let me know why you think these were the most popular, and if you see a common theme….

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