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Muslims Are Catching on to Religious Broadcasting

Muslims are finally getting the message about religious media and creating the world’s first Arab religious satellite network. Called “Al-Resalah,” (The Message), will spread Islam starting with the Arab and Muslim world.  The network, which began March 1 will use a mix of drama, game shows, and educational programming, all in an Islamic context. They will also be launching an English language version as well.

Religious programming has become a hit with Arab audiences, and it’s most popular preacher, Amr Khaled claims to be the world’s first “tele-Islamist” – particularly among young people who are drawn to his message.

On the Christian Coptic scene, “Aghapy TV” has also bowed as a dedicated television channel for that religious audience.  Much of this new programming is because of the advent of democracy.  The minute democracy opens a door, Islam rushes in, and audiences seem to follow.

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