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10 Stupid Mistakes Made by the Newly Self-Employed

I’m speaking this week at the 34th Annual GMA Music in the Rockies Conference in Estes Park, Colorado.  This is a great conference for young musicians, and they’ve asked me to speak on issues like personal branding, networking, and pitching projects.  I’ve been meeting a number of high-energy young people who are launching out on their own, and as many of them asked me for advice,
I remembered this great blog post by Steve Pavlina on the 10 stupid mistakes made by the newly self-employed.  If you’re thinking about leaving your full time job and moving out on your own, this excellent post is worth a read.

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  1. It is only stupid if the person/or people running the business refuse(s) to change after doing something unsuccessfully over a long period of time. But it is not stupid for the newly employed – everybody makes mistakes in the first instance but much more a learning experience to be gained – if they do not have a business mentor or are being discipled/groomed for running a business – even then they will still uncover their own business mistakes. I don’t think we call a new born baby which becomes a toddler stupid for attempting to walk every time it stumbles? I think we only become concerned when that toddler becomes two years old and above and it is still not walking? In conclusion most people are educated to become skilled workers/employers but over 85% of educational institutions are not designed to train people to become skilled employers and skilled enterpreneurs that is why so many people fail in business in the early stages – it is a different world with a different set of skills and aptitude. It could be one of the reasons why there is so much unemployment out there?

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