MTV is looking for Missionaries?

Check this out – "MTV is currently casting for an upcoming documentary about Christian missionaries or travelers on its True Life series."  Very interesting…..

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  1. Oh my! Can anyone smell a SET-UP? They are going to look for the most dogmatic, stuffed-shirt, overly-zealous, mono-syllabic Christians that they can find… I just have this feeling. The sub-title should be, "See kids, they're just like we've been telling you." The only redeeming possibiltiy is if they actually cast someone who's wise, and genuine, full of compassion, and able to hold their tongue when needed. (However, I seriously doubt MTV's motives.) I think it'll end-up being a major year-long slam against Christians. Somebody should really try and talk them out of it..

  2. My thoughts exactly! 

    It's my prayer that MTV will bring a Christian media consultant on board to oversee the production and make sure it's not just a bash-fest.  Hey Phil, maybe you should offer your services.  Just a thought.  🙂

  3. The ad is pretty funny.  You can just imagine a group of MTV writers sitting around discussing this and trying write the ad "the way a Christian would".  

    Actually, it's pretty sad that they think that we sit around and talk that way.  

    Now I'm depressed.


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