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Movie Results for 2006

It’s time to review the year for films – particularly films marketed to Christian audiences – to see the results.  Industry flagship Variety Magazine has published the complete list of the top 250 domestic box office results for 2006.  You have to keep in mind that yearly lists aren’t entirely accurate, since some films were actually released in late 2005, or others where released for the Christmas season of 2006 only and are still in theaters.  When you look at “faith based” projects, here’s where they fell (with rounded figures):

87.   The Nativity Story – $37 milion

146.  One Night with the King – $13 million

160.  End of the Spear – $12 million

170.  Facing the Giants – $10 million

The top spots were taken by:

1.  Pirates of the Caribbean – $423 million

2.  Cars – $244 million

3.  X-Men: The Last Stand – $234 million

4.  The Da Vinci Code – $218 million

By way of reference, here’s some interesting numbers:

14. Borat – $126 million

30. Jackass #2 – $73 million

36. Brokeback Mountain – $68 million

40. Medea’s Family Reunion – $63 million

48.  Little Miss Sunshine – $60 million (even a super low budget indie can make it)

53. Charlotte’s Web – $56 million

92. Snakes on a Plane – $34 million

96. United 93 – $32 million

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  1. I think the story selection is poor and we fail to realize that "Christians" watch the same shows and movies as everyone else. The demand for faith based content isn't as big as they thought it was(I think that's part of it). You can also blame the Christians-us for not supporting the films in the theatres..but can a business ever really blame it's consumers for failure? I mean if your not meeting a need or supplying a demand-then the sales will show it.

    Fox is not selecting compelling material for my generation. I have no desire to see the slate of Christian films they are putting out other than "Three"-that was a solid choice. I just don't find amazing grace and those type of stories interesting-sadly I don't even know who wrote ths song amazing grace, unless I check the hymnal.

    Think about Jack Ass. They are offering something that people can't find anywhere else-ridiculous stunts, Johnny nearly died on the set-people like that. Same as Jackie Chan did for many years-who literally risked his life every movie to please his fans-if someone is willing to do that and that passionate you have to watch-no one cared if the story was subpar. Think about what's huge right now. Reality TV and the concept that average people can get rich and famous overnight, The UFC and Pride fighting-you can't find that entertainment elsewhere, ect..Trust me Christians watch this stuff and why not? It's fun to watch and no less offensive than any sitcom on network tv.

    I think to capture the masses and make the kind of money studios are hoping for you need "Christians" who are making movies and TV shows with entertainment factors that can't be found elsewhere..maybe sick stunts, sweet fght scenes, crazy comedy, unorthodox style, some cool story element (like the x files) ect. If there was an alternative to the UFC or Jack Ass or these reality shows that had Christians behind them-then I'd definitely buy it up, but there is no alternative. So, we watch what's available. Where is the action star that risks his life every movie and is not afraid to publicly talk about his faith? We need a Christian MMA fighter,  We need a Christian doc or movie with "parkour, sp?" that crazy french invented death defying sport you can find on youtube.  Nothing "cool" is being done right now..people like cool, exciting, dangerous, fun, whether Christian or not. Like it or not this is the type of creative stuff that will capture peoples imagination-these are just examples of wildly popular entertainment and I think it's that kind of creativity that will win over consumers and audiences

    That's my thoughts, anyway

  2. Interesting information. On the positive side, all the christian films except “One Night” were able to gross a profit.





    “One Night” dissapoints twice. In a press release,

    TBN announced the film as a “box office hit”. Come on! Christian filmakers need to admit failure and learn from their mistakes. This won’t happen if we live in denial.

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