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Want to Be More Productive on Monday? Stop Working Weekends

In trying to write books like “One Big Thing,” speak internationally, and help our great clients, lately I’ve found myself working most weekends.  I do like the quiet, and I can get so much more done without the phone ringing, or having to get ready for a meeting or conference call. But the problem is, I’ve noticed that I’m hating Mondays. Without taking Saturday and Sunday off, work is just a continuous drudge.

In the past, I intentionally took time off on Saturday or Sunday to visit a museum, take in a movie, or go to the beach. Aside from simply having a great time with the family and enjoying the rest, I found that by Sunday night, I couldn’t wait to actually get back to the office on Monday. I was charged up, full of ideas, and ready to rock.

These days? Not so much. Since I work straight through the weekends, Monday is just another day on my to-do list. As a result, my productivity is dropping, the quality of my work stinks, and worst of all, I’ve lost my creative energy.  Not to mention the value of a Biblical Sabbath – which God designed for a reason.

So I’m going back to the old routine. From this point on, I may write a little early Saturday morning, but by the time Kathleen is up, I’ll be ready to take off and do ANYTHING but work.

Try it out. If it impacts your life as much as it does mine, who knows where that new excitement for Monday’s could lead?

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  1. Good stuff Phil. What I’m finding most effective is what I call micro breaks. In other words the work is always there and there’s a TON of it – but what I do is get up from the computer – go outside – even play a quick 9 holes or take a walk – anything that get’s me out of the flow even for 20 to 90 minutes. I always have more energy when I come back.

  2. I can say that decompressing is a must. My wife and I start our weekend on Friday nights as a date night with a quiet dinner out. Afterward going to a local christian radio station where she ministers as a late night cohost. Small chores around the house are easily handled on Saturday with little to no real thinking. Followed by a Sunday of worship and prayer. I can then walk into work Monday refreshed and feed.

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