Convincing Modern Man He Needs to Change

There was a time when sharing your faith with someone else was pretty easy to do. For centuries it was called “good news” and was a liberating message for millions of people. But then, most people in the culture had a similar worldview, and even if you didn’t believe in God, most people shared similar values and ideals. Even as late as the 50’s and 60’s my dad was a pastor in Charlotte, North Carolina, and people who would never darken the door of a church still respected him. But not so today.

We’ve discovered that modernism hasn’t led to secularism, it’s lead to pluralism. While mainstream media is still trying to convince us that God is dead, and the shrill voices of atheism sell lots of books, the research indicates that God is still very much alive. The problem today is, everyone has a different idea of god’s identity.

As a result, sharing the Christian faith isn’t the liberating message it once was because our worldviews have splintered into many, many pieces. Writer C.S. Lewis captured it when he said that:

“When the apostles preached, they could assume even in their Pagan hearers a real consciousness of deserving the divine anger… It was against this background that the gospel appeared as good news. It brought news of possible healing to men who knew they were mortally ill. But all this has changed. Christianity now has to preach the diagnosis – in itself very bad news – before it can win a hearing for the cure.”

That’s the dilemma. How do you share a cure with someone who insists he’s perfectly fine?

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  1. VERY intriguing post

    I see successful politicians (see: our current President) as MASTERS of this craft.    Best example: Universal Health Care.  As you have previously stated, Phil, ours is the best system in the world (albeit flawed like everything else)…but many politicians, led by Mr. Obama, have convinced the masses otherwise.

    Interesting note here, though…we’re too lazy to really research why.

    By the way…I’m not suggesting this is the path we should take in sharing our faith.  Leads to only surface results and MORE problems down the road (backsliding baby Christians with little follow-through by those that have gotten them to say yes to Christ).



  2. This is definitely one of the greatest challenges I have had in my life with friends, etc.

    It’s similar to The Matrix – is this person who insists that he’s perfectly fine willing to take the red pill? 

    Even in the movie The Incredibles, there was a man that did not want to be saved from his suicide attempt – as a result, the hero that intercepted his fall (Mr. Incredible) was accused for “saving” him.

    It’s often a (relatively small) window in time — when *not* everything is fine — when we realize that there is something more: that there is a problem; there is a diagnosis; there is a cure.

    And some will still end up taking the blue pill.


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