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Are You Ready to Put Your Message on Mobile Phones?

Just in case you don’t think people are actually migrating to the mobile platform for information and entertainment, here are some interesting numbers:

10% of Americans are now considered “mobile centric” – that means, they fully embrace all the functionality of their cell phones.

Mobile TV subscribers are 65% male, and 46% are under age 35.

Think you have privacy?  Not anymore.  There are 106 million camera phones in the United States (that’s 51% of the population).

35% of online banking households will be doing their banking on their cell phone in less than 2 years.

On the average, 29 million consumers play mobile video games from their cell phone each month, and download 7 million games.  And it’s not just teens.  Adults, aged 25-34 dominate the mobile gaming world.

Overseas, it’s even more pronounced – there are now more mobile phones in China than the United States has people.

… and finally, which handheld devices are they doing all this on?  Palm has retained the number one spot as a leader in mobile devices during the first quarter of this year.

(Information from PC Today magazine).

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  1. And yet no one has been able to answer the question: "what are the cell phone companies paying for original content?"  This boggles my mind… when you discuss what cable networks are paying per half-hour or hour, you get a pretty straight answer.  However, when it comes to mobile or wireless content, the numbers get foggy and no one seems to know.  Any thoughts?  Anyone out there producing original content for wireless providers?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Or read them.

  2. A cell phone provider called us and asked us to join them with our content. But they wanted us to pay to put the content on the phones initially and if we ever reached a certain amount of suscribers we might get paid, but would have to pay until then…So, I guess that means I'm not very high up on the food chain-I might have tried it if it wasn't soo expensive. I'm basically a potential advertiser to them even though they called me a content provider…and the content would be opt in…people paying to recieve it or I could make it free, but I'd be paying to deliver free content…which doesn't make sense because people can create content video, audio, or picture and there are places online you can have others download it for free onto their phones-or pay…so with ANYONE being able to place content on phones and get paid-it will be interesting to watch this new platform develop

  3. "There are 106 million camera phones in the United States (that’s 51% of the population)."

    Hm…let's check the US Census Population clock at … sez here we've got 302 million folk in the US. 106 million phones at 51% of the population would project to 200 million people.

    Somebody better tell the Census Bureau that PC Today seems to have misplaced 100,000,000 people!




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