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My Article from "Ministry Today" Magazine on Branding

Here’s a feature article in Ministry Today magazine on The Art of Branding.  What do people think of when they think of you, your church, or your organization?

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  1. This article raises many excellent points which should be considered and seriously reflected upon. Phil hits the reader with a number of issues that must be addressed in order to bring about change in our sphere of influence. Here are two challenging questions that demand an honest, thought-out answer: “In a world of compelling choice, what makes you or your message different? Why should someone pause and consider what you have to say?” This is the point which moved me the most. There are so many messages competing for our attention, but there is one great message – which needs to be uniquely expressed in well thought out terms of words and action. Phil states that “being different is everthing.” How true in a world where ‘reality’ television shows all look alike and people participate in experiences where they can become like their favorite stars instead of developing their own identity and talents. In my experience, the pressure to be a carbon copy of everyone else is enormous. There is an almost constant comparison to what someone else is doing and who should be imitated. However, if we are all unique, then even though there will be some similarities, there should be a distinct flavor that seperates each person from the next. Thank you Phil for providing this timely article about becoming a focused individual who is both prepared and well presented. I will use what you have written to continue developing the message which lives in me, in order to aid others in their journey towards their God-given purpose.

    Allen Paul Weaver III
    author, Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers

  2. Phil, some months ago a minister asked me about Google ads – whether his site should accept them or not. I advised him against it because while he might pocket some change his "brand" – his image as a preacher of the Gospel – would invariably be tarnished by Google's algorithms. Consequently, I'm surprised to see them on this site, e.g., the ads for Christian ringtones and Christian Singles Photos appear to be at odds with your statements on "Jesus junk."


  3. Good question and I'll do a post on it soon.  (I was wondering how long it would take somebody to ask about them…   🙂

  4. Dear beloved,

    Here is how to position a ministry in perfect, blessed, unique, singular excelence, because just about nobody is doing this:

    The Future is Humility – I have seen the future and the future is humility.  Not prosperity.  Not intellectualism.  Not emotionalism.  Not dispensational rapture insanity.  Not illogical escapology.  The future is humility.  Jesus said John the Baptist was the best prophet.  Why?  Not for John’s works, but for his humble spirit.  John said, “He (Jesus) must increase and I must decrease,” which made him continuously God indwelt.  Humility must temper surges in euphoric but errant religion.  Humility delivers what pride cannot.  Pride now delivers much religious jabberwocky.  Through scourging God delivers our prideful spirits mirrored back to us through excruciating circumstances.  If we let this process crucify our rigidity and pride, we become more flexible and humble, which then allows God to indwell ourselves more fully.  This is how our Adamic prejudice against self-incriminating truth dies.  And living in us is then God.  And living in God is then us.  When religious babble dies and truth lives; that’ll be the day.  And it will be a day of repenting, weeping and humility.  Sadly, this day has not yet come.  But when it does, what a happy day it will be:  When pride in man decreases, humility in man increases and God in man lives.

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