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Ministry Missteps Don’t Slow Some Leaders Down

What does it say about Christian media and/or the Christian community when within a week of two national ministry leaders announcing divorces, they both appear hosting the flagship programs of a national Christian TV network? Has our paranoia over “judgment” gotten so bad that we’re even afraid to ask these pastors and ministry leaders to step back and re-think, re-evaluate, or re-consider their roles as leaders?

During the last year or so, there have sadly been a number of pastors of very large churches who went through a divorce, and yet never missed a Sunday in the pulpit. In spite of the fact that after more than 2,000 people took our recent poll, and 70% said they should take a break from ministry in order to get their lives back together.

What do you think it is? Has divorce for Christian leaders become the normal thing to do? Has the business of ministry become so important that we can’t take the time to get our lives straightened out? I’m not trying to embarrass anyone here, I’m just curious about where we are as a faith community when it comes to accountability and leadership standards…

What do you think?


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  1. The fact that these national ministry leaders are now serious news in Christiandom, it makes sad sense that a national TV network would utilize their failures (or should I say sins) to draw a bigger crowd who have come to see what they might say for themselves. Anything for ratings!

  2. The last days? Is this the Laodicean Church era? Wealth status is more significant than our personal fellowship with Jesus Christ? That old flesh having a field day. It is better to obey than to know. Follow Jesus and hold tight.

  3. I think one of the problems is that congregations  have put these people on high horses. It's almost like tearing down their idols. I know christians that almost worship these people. They feel that their leaders can do no wrong and when they do ,they will cover up the mistakes by saying, Don't put your mouth on the men and women of God, just pray. Please!!! I will speak the truth in love.

  4. It's called a lack of Priorities of Life and Ministry. Which are:

    1. Receive the Love of God

    2. Love Yourself God's Way

    3. Love God Back in Worship

    4. Love Your Spouse or Parents with the Love of God

    5. Love Your Children

    6. Be Diligent at Work

    7. Do the Work of the Ministry


    If your getting a divorce from your spouse then that tells me that you stopped doing 1-4 a long time ago and shouldn't have been preaching for quite some time. If you don't spend time with God, then it's hard to say what He has to say. That's why we have so much persuasive words of man's wisdom but very little POWER and DEMONSTRATION of the HOLY SPIRIT. Remember the Holy Spirit's first name is HOLY!

  5. Anyone who understands the real demands of trying to juggle a normal life with the pressures of leading a ministry while doing a daily TV program will know that without solid grounding it is nearly impossible.

    Satan is looking for those he can destroy. Don't ever forget that he is just as real as God. We have to put on the armor everyday. Let me repeat – everyday. Those who mentioned to pray for our Christian leaders are correct. It is our best way of protecting them. Yes, others will fall but we keep our eyes set on Jesus. He will never fail us.

    Do what you are called to do. God will take care of the rest.

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