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Mind Blowing Facts About People Over 50

This video by the Type A Group makes you wonder why organizations spend so much time, effort, and money reaching out to younger audiences.  These numbers are pretty compelling and particularly in the case of nonprofits, churches, and ministries, make you realize that if you’re not connecting with older audiences, you’re making a fatal mistake:

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  1. We need to change our strategy… Very convincing and something to think about. I love the last statement!!!

  2. That is a very powerful presentation. We have always paid attention to our older customers but is seems they are worth their own marketing strategy.

  3. We just had a similar discussion last week. Why is there so much social support for the over 50 crowd when young adults are finding so hard to find work and live on their own? This makes a strong case for refocusing support dollars.

  4. Very interesting and compelling video.

    It obviously highlights why making sure your over 50 audience as easy access to your product is important. Yes, if you’re not connecting with people over 50, you’re making a fatal mistake.

    Question: Is the statement that many people over 50 want to be seen as “cool” or be “liked by” the younger generation incorrect?

    The one thing the video did not support is the idea that people over 50 want products that are different than their younger counterparts, only that they could afford and do purchase the items/products that their younger counterparts most likely desire.

    1. Actually, I do believe that the over 50 crowd isn’t that different. Seniors are one of the fastest growing markets for digital devices. 55+ audiences watch as much online videos as 20+ audiences. As Baby Boomers age, they’re bringing their younger habits with them. There are many reasons we shouldn’t “dumb down” our designs or products for the older audience.

  5. I laughed out loud at the end!
    Thought provoking video, Phil. Not just from a marketing perspective, but from a human perspective. People over 50 often have aging parents that they may not be ready to care for.

  6. I’m almost 75, we have a house full of technology and know how to use it. We use Spotify, dropped cable years ago, almost all TV viewing is streamed. My 91 year old mother-in-law knows how to use an iPad. When we go to Florida for the winter, we watch our church services via stream. Most of our baby boomer friends are tech savvy.

    1. I totally get that. And most people still think older adults are clueless when it comes to technology!

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