The "Lost" Tomb of Jesus? Michael Medved Weighs In…

Michael Medved stepped up to the plate in USA Today and wrote an excellent commentary piece on the supposedly “lost” tomb of Jesus.  From a media perspective, Medved asks if the much-ballyhooed “Lost Tomb of Jesus” showed that attempts to disprove scripture are considered more newsworthy than those that support the biblical accounts.  What do you say?

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  1. I agree – the "secular" news media is constantly trying to find news stories that disprove the Bible or expose the hipocrisy of men and women of faith.  Where men and women of faith (including us) still have flaws they (we) are working out we believe the Bible (God's Word) has none.  Michael didn't write about the hastily put together discussion program with Ted Coppel that followed.  I believe it was Discovery Channels attempt to save face and hang the filmmaker Jacobovici out to dry (Christian pressure?).  Then they quickly pulled all repeats of the film in spite of high ratings.  That had to cost them some advertising dollars.

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