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The Horrors of Meeting Hell

According to a survey by First Option, a conference event company in the United Kingdom, these are the 10 biggest complaints about corporate meetings. I’m here to tell you it’s true of faith based organizations as well:

1. Drifting off the Topic………. 67%
2. Lack of Leadership………….63%
3. No Natural Daylight………..51%
4. Meeting for Meeting’s Sake……..44%
5. The Broken Record………42%
6. Running over Allotted Time……..40%
7. Meetings with No Purpose….. 39%
8. Interruptions from Phones and Pagers……35%
9. Refreshments not Refreshed Regularly….. 30%
10. The Cynical Attendee…..28%

Let’s start a movement to MAKE MEETINGS INTERESTING. First – don’t call a meeting unless it’s absolutely necessary. More man-hours are wasted in useless meetings than any other part of the workday. Lead meetings, don’t manage them. Conduct meetings in interesting places – forget the boring conference room, and find a more creative, interesting location. Create an agenda, and let people know ahead of time, so they can plan and bring the right information. And finally, end the meeting on time. Even if you accomplish nothing, people will admire you for not wasting their time!

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