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Media Leaders: What’s the Most Important Skill You Bring to Your Job?

At this year’s “Produced By Conference” sponsored by The Producer’s Guild in Hollywood, there was a panel of media executives who discussed the future of our converging media world. During the Q&A with the audience, one producer asked each of them “What’s the most important skill you bring to the table as you lead your media company?” I thought their answers were worth thinking about and applying to our own work. I may have paraphrased a bit since it was a live event, but these comments captured their responses:

Jeffrey Hirsch, COO, STARZ Network: Listening to the creative community and listening to the marketplace. We have to know what the best ideas are out there and know what’s happening in the media marketplace. It’s about knowing what’s working and what isn’t. Oh – and reading a lot.

Pearlena Igbokwe, President, Universal Television: My greatest skill is being a good enabler. It’s my job to help other people do their best work every day.

David Madden, President of Entertainment for Fox Broadcasting: I’m always careful not to assume I have the best idea in the room. I want to help steer our creative team, but I don’t impose my ideas on them. Plus, I watch a lot of TV, but read books that have nothing to do with my work. That keeps me alert to new ideas.

Good advice. How many of these ideas could you apply to your own career?

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