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With Mobile Technology, even Charles Manson has a Cell Phone

The Los Angeles Times reports that killer Charles Manson has a cell phone. You heard it right – the man who directed others to kill for him got caught with an LG flip phone under his prison mattress. But he’s not alone. More than 9,000 cell phones have been found in California prisons this year alone. Authorities say that they’ve become so small and so prevalent, they can’t possibly keep the onslaught of mobile communication devices out.

So the man who was able to control others to do his murderous bidding has figured out a way to communicate with untold numbers of people once again.

And they say the digital revolution doesn’t have a dark side….

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  1. I just find it amazing that people get scatterback x-rays with a strip search image and probed by TSA to get on a plane and yet, you can smuggle ANYTHING into a prison. We are upside-down.

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