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Hollywood Quote: “Lost” Producer Carlton Cuse on Pastor Rob Bell

“Did I tell you about the spiritual special I’ve been working on with Rob Bell?” The producer of the hit TV series “Lost” recently asked “Variety” magazine. Carlton Cuse said he thought Bell was “Smart, funny and insightful, and approached religion and spirituality from a very different perspective.” He’s been trying to help Bell find a place on the TV landscape after shooting several programs for the OWN Network. “If you claim to be religious, you’re labelled, because that arena has been co-opted by the extreme right, evangelical movement. Shouldn’t there be room for someone in the spiritual space on the liberal side?”


Readers – what are your thoughts on the subject?

(Photo: Harpo Studios, George Burns)

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  1. While I personally tend to lean more on the Biblical correct doctrine side of things, as someone running a Christian media broadcaster, I do recognize and apply the need to give a voice to the broad spectrum of Christianity. For me and my organization this means giving airtime to the Catholics, Adventists, Pentecostals, Reformed, Evangelical, and even Baptists. Our policy is that anyone who subscribes to the basics of Christianity (Trinity, Jesus as Son of God, Jesus Resurrection, Salvation only through Christ), we let on-air. However as generous as this may be, we still get well meaning church pastors arguing violently that we should take the Catholics off, not understanding why we play mainstream ‘secular’ music, why we play music at all, being opposed to entertainment ‘because it’s all fluff’, and even calling up my staff and saying that because of this or that, that our station may have said on-air, that ‘we are liars.’

    So, while I may not subscribe the Rob’s theology, I do recognize the influence that he has as a Christian in mainstream media, and as the Christian community we should pray for him and not instantly and relentlessly be against him.

    1. Yes, Constantine and many of the ensuing councils are to blame for “undermines(ing) the authenticity of Scripture.” I am a Dispensationalist and I believe the only way for Scripture to fit together like a hand in a glove is by applying this principle. Otherwise we have many apparent contradictions. God governed His people many different ways through the ages and these ways are represented by Dispensations or Administrations. Fortunately for you and I, we are living in the Grace administratiion. Any earlier or later we would have found ourselves under the Law of Moses!

  2. When you part from the tenants of Christianity, as Rob as done, you veer much more into generalized spirituality, a counterfeit in a sense (as Rob still wants to call it Christianity). Steve is right, it’s been done over and over again through the centuries. I love the old antage, how do you know a counterfeit? You study the ‘real’ one and it quickly comes to light.

    1. If you’re going to publicly bag on someone, let me help you.
      1) Tenets of Christianity, not tenants.
      2) What is an antage? I think you meant to say adage.

      We’re not supposed to judge each other either, but here we are.

  3. Thank you Shaun for your words of wisdom — it is vitally necessary to study the TRUTH – as it is written – nothing added or taken away ..

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