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Looking at Our Most Popular Books, Christianity Looks Pretty Pathetic

I love bookstores of all kinds – small, unique, used, and chain stories – my wife knows it’s pretty impossible for me to walk by a bookshop and not stop in. And while most stores have lost a specifically “Christian” section on their shelves, I always make it a point to check if there is one.

But rather than be inspired by the depth and insight of those Christian books, I’m more often disappointed and depressed.

Hear me out. The next time you visit Barnes & Noble or a local bookstore near you, look at the titles of the books in the Christian section. You won’t find many on the history of the Church, doctrine, classic Christian writers, Bible studies, engaging culture from a Biblical perspective, or heroes of the faith.

You’re more likely to find books dealing with what to do if you’re disappointed with life, going through difficulty, in an unhappy marriage, or how to find hope, success, or live your dream.

While all those areas are important, the sheer number of those titles over titles of depth, insight, and historical significance is remarkable.

The other day, I stood at a local bookstore and was almost embarrassed by how pathetic it looked.

It seems like the most popular books in the Christian community don’t reflect a community living a life of Biblical conviction, commitment, humility, or faith. More often, they reflect a desperate, defeated, and weak community unwilling or unable to face our world or looking for quick solutions.

I’m all for thinking positively, but to face the challenges of the culture we live in today, the latest Christian book on “10 Steps to Live Your Dream” isn’t going to get us very far.

Photo by Alexandre Van Thuan on Unsplash

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