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Live-streaming Church Services in the Age of the Corona Virus

For all the criticism pastors have received for live steaming over the years, suddenly in the age of the Corona virus, those pastors are starting to look pretty smart. Kathleen and I just had a major international conference in Rome cancel, another conference is coming up in Milan – the hotspot of the virus in Italy – and for another event I’m scheduled to attend in Jerusalem, the state of Israel has just banned major events for the near future.

I could be batting zero for speaking at international conferences for the next few months.

So I’m starting to think that live streamed church services, online conferences, and similar events aren’t such a bad idea after all. Full disclosure – I’m a big proponent of live streaming church services and we have multiple clients who aren’t just seeing a huge impact, but getting financial support from live stream viewers as well.

But in the age of the Corona virus, it’s even more appealing.

The bottom line: Even if things go well this year for your church, if you’re not live streaming, you’re making a big mistake. I’ve not seen a single instance where streaming your services caused live attendance to drop. In fact, as more and more people get to see what you’re all about online, the more likely they are to visit.

And if fears of the virus (or anything else) keeps them away, they can still be impacted by your services in the privacy and safety  of their home.

Live streaming: If you’re lagging behind, it’s time you got onboard. Reach out to us at Cooke Media Group and find out how.

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  1. Is it a good idea when replacing a service with online only to start at the same time our services normally start? Or can I start my live stream at a different time?

    1. Good question Roger. I’d suggest starting at the normal time. Your congregation knows your normal start time, and will probably be used to showing up or tuning in there. This isn’t a “normal” time for sure, but I wouldn’t recommend changing things up too much. But remember to replay the service afterwards — in fact all week – for people who weren’t able to see it on Sunday.

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