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Let’s Switch from Conversations to Action

If I hear the phrase “we just want to start conversations” one more time, I may just throw up. You’ve heard it before: “conversations about Jesus,” or “conversations about social justice,” or “conversations about relationships,” or whatever. Yuck. Enough already. I say it’s time to stop “starting conversations” and start a little ACTION.

So let’s start focusing less on “conversations” and more on “actions.” What are you actually DOING to make real change happen in your world?  Are you “thinking” about writing a screenplay, or are you actually writing it? Are you “engaging in conversations” about your new project, or are you actually making things happen?

I’ve always said that the guy who invented the wheel wasn’t such a big deal. But the guy who invented the other three – HE was a genius.

I love original ideas, but keep in mind that no matter how great your idea, if you can’t make it happen, you’ve failed.

Let’s move on from conversations to action. What’s the area of your life where you’re going to start?

Let me know…

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  1. Phil,

    I too am a “doer”. My current to-do list (tried “Things” am back to paper for the moment) has 57 items on it, a good many done, more being added as we speak. And then there’s the yellow post-it note in front of me – another 8 absolute must-do’s for today.

    I know that the whole “conversations” things is trendy & tiresome, but as a “doer” personality type, I’ve often not stopped for enough of them. Listening, interacting is where I learn. Would I be a bit smarter, a bit more effective had I engaged with a few more people?

    The wonderful British Comedy “Yes Minister” & “Yes Prime Minister” explores the concept of proactive procrastination beautifully. 

    PM: Humphrey I’ve been Prime Minister for 100 days now and the press is saying I haven’t done anything.

    Sir Humphrey: Oh, congratulations Prime Minister!

    At the other end of the scale is Arnie the Terminator.

    Is the answer somewhere in the middle?

    Looking forward to what others have to say. This promises to be … a great conversation!

    Berni Dymet
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Some people talk way too much and do little.  Others jump in cowboy style and get-er’done, sometimes do a pretty good job but sometimes not.  I prefer to plan, work on something and leave my options open.  Shouldn’t we seek to have a balanced approach? 2 Peter 1

  3. To me, conversation is about consensus which is quite important in my world the church.
    People don’t like change – even my staff – so these things have to be introduced and discussed. I just make sure action is part of the conversation.

    Another big hindrance to action is procrastination, a big problem with artists/perfectionists. We/they must push for excellence not perfection and be willing to take risks. (Perfection is really an insecurity.)

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