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Gut Check: The Value of Leemers

I’ve been told that “Leemers” is a term used by naval aviators to describe a gut feeling that something is wrong, even if there’s no definitive proof.  Some have assumed it came from the world “leery” but I have no idea.  What I DO know is that it’s a brilliant concept and something we need to consider in our work.  How often have you had a “gut check” about something, but dismissed it because you had no proof?

Call it a hunch, the voice of God, a check in your spirit, or just a suspicion, but I would suggest you start checking it out.  Of course, don’t let these things paralyze you or control your progress, but at least pause and give it some thought.  Leaders – don’t dismiss your employee’s gut feelings about these things, and employees, have the courage to speak up.  You never know when a simple gut feeling could save the company from disaster.

After all, how many companies, plane crashes, or sunken ships, happened in spite of no definitive proof that anything was wrong?

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  1. Hi Phil – I’m adopting a pseudonym again for this post.

    The co-founder of the Christian TV network I work for many years ago had such a “leemer” regarding a particular ministry. On the surface there was no reason said ministry couldn’t have airtime, but said co-founder was adamant in the face of considerable opposition that this ministry should not go on.

    Years later this co-founder was vindicated as the ministry in question was telling women in their congregation who couldn’t have babies that they were pregnant after “praying” for them, then flying them to Nigeria to “give birth” nine months later. Once in Nigeria a “doctor” would tell them he was going to have to give them something to knock them out due to delivery complications. After this they would wake up and be presented with “their” baby. It turned out they were stealing babies from a nearby hospital and giving them to the “pregnant” women

    This is just one example of many where said co-founder’s gut feeling has been proved absolutely correct.



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