Lee Grady Speaks Out on Celebrity Christianity

Here’s this month’s column by Charisma Magazine editor Lee Grady on what he calls “Celebrity Christianity.”

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  1. Lee nails it again. The same ego causes lesser celebrity Christians to have golf carts buzz them through their church so they can't be stopped by the little people, have someone carry their Bible to the pulpit, etc. 

    Who is more at fault…them for asking, or us for giving it to them?

  2. It is a Scriptural fact that the Spirit of God cannot move if there are any brown M&M's in the bowl.  (Look it up!)  (Bonus points to anyone who gets the '80's reference … 😉

  3. Hard rock band Van Halen requested a bowl of M&Ms to be waiting for them backstage with all the brown ones removed in their tour rider. If they found a single brown one, mayhem would occur and trashing of the backstage area was par for the course. Lead Singer David Lee Roth explained the reasoning: "We have a very technical tour operation and if they didn't remove the brown M&Ms, then they sure as hell did not read that the tensile strength of the stage needs to be 250 PSI".

    I am surprised that with all their wealth that they don't have handlers and media consultants to make sure that they look good in the public eye. Is the ego so big, or is their entourage telling the naked emperor that he has a nice suit?

  4. Not really surprised at all but I am just disheartened at what is happening because it is spreading into Europe and it is well and truly in Africa especially Nigeria. Well the bible says this has happened and will happen again so its not a new phenomena. Check out 2nd Peter 2. There is nothing new under the sun. It is just amazing though that are these people for real, I mean are they following the Lord Jesus Christ in the bible? This is what happens when we have a mentality that this world is the main place to live. In truth, many of us really worship money and use God to get the money so that when we have it we do not need to trust God again – back to self. We think that we are very smart when we do this but it only shows how sinful and full of pride we really are and then we become idol worshippers – no wonder so many of us struggle with sexual immorality and greed issues. We believers are just immigrants on assignment and then we are gone to be with our Master. When we stop looking at the Son we fall into darkness and become blind.

  5.  yes I believe we have given it to them and they are taking it. Wake up church are you sleep or just bewitched?? 

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