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Leaders: Why You May Need a Better Assistant

One of the greatest challenges I see with leaders across the country is that in spite of their talent, ability, and gifts, they continue to struggle. The surprising thing about so many of these leaders is just how gifted and talented they actually are. They should be writing best selling books, producing national media, speaking to massive audiences, or leading much larger and more effective organizations. But an enormous number of these leaders are hobbled by one big problem:

The lack of an effective assistant.

A great assistant keeps a leader on schedule, handles tasks the leader shouldn’t deal with, is a cushion between the leader and the outside world, and in many ways is like a duplicate of the leader.

A great assistant screens the outside world, so the leader doesn’t waste time on nonessential tasks, appointments, and meetings. Possibly the most important, they become a virtual spokesperson because they’re a “middleman” between the leader and the outside media, employees, board of directors, and peers. In that sense, how they handle those relationships can make or break a leader’s reputation and credibility.

The lesson? Think about your current assistant. They may be loyal, but do you trust them to represent you to outsiders? Does he or she remind you of what’s important in your day? Do they take low level tasks off your shoulders? Are they looking for opportunities to advance your impact and influence?

If not, then don’t waste another minute. Start looking for the right person. It could be the difference in your future.

Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash

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