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Want to Launch a Career? Today, It’s Up to You

For most organizations, in-house training programs are a relic of the past...

In the past, many companies would hire novices and help them develop into more experienced employees.  In those days, they put a great deal of effort into on the job training.  But in today’s economy, that’s one of the first things they toss overboard.  So when you’re applying for a job today, don’t expect the employer to have the time, money, or motivation to mentor you.

The bottom line is you have to be ready – now.

A good example are people who want to break into the entertainment and media business.  They’re expecting to be hired with no media experience, and have the company develop them into producers or directors. In a perfect world, that would be great. But today, the economy is such that companies only looking for proven talent. Creative leaders that can add to the bottom line immediately.

Not much different with new authors wanting to write books.  Publishers aren’t going to do much to help most authors, so you have to bring your own marketing plan to the table.  No plan?  No publishing deal.  Simple as that.

Times are changing, and part of that change is the need to get the experience and knowledge yourself before you apply for the job.  Doing short films and videos, writing finished screenplays, proving yourself as a volunteer, creating your own social media networks – whatever.

Depending on the job you want, today it’s up to you.

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  1. And, to add to Phil’s list of good ideas for enhancing your resume with real experience is to consider an excellent graduate program. For pure shameless promotion, I urge you to consider Regent University’s Cinema-Television department’s degrees: M.A. or MFA in Script-Screenwriting, Producing, Directing, Editing, or Critical Studies.
    I talk to many students who immediately want to head to Hollywood (for myriad reasons). Many find themselves trapped in the scenario Phil accurately describes.
    Graduate work allows you to FOCUS your skill development over a (typically) two-year timeframe and become much more expert (read: employable).
    On top of that, studying at a Christian institution like Regent, allows God time to further mature your heart and vision for what He’s calling you to do.
    If you’re interested, check us out:
    blessings on your journey!

  2. The same is happening in many other occupations. Our company is required to train our employees according to the precepts published by the global corperation we are a distributor for. We must become experts on our products and it costs money, lots of money.

    It is at times unbelievable to hear prospective employees think that we have the time and money to train them to a journeyman level. Many come in the front door with little or no skills to bring to the table.

    In this economy it is easier to find a journeyman looking for work at a fair wage than it is training a trade school graduate who thinks they invented sliced bread, having nothing on their resume to suggest they can actually perform the work required.

    Don’t feel alone, you aren’t the only one getting these resumes and applications.

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