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Get Your Copy of The Last TV Evangelist Today

Our first box of “The Last TV Evangelist” books came in this week, and I’m told people have started receiving their copies nationwide.  It’s available at numerous places, notably through Amazon. The book has ignited some interesting – and sometimes heated – conversations about religious media.  Is it still relevant?  Does it have a place?  Can it be changed?  It’s also a guide to the exploding media revolution that’s taking place in the culture, and if you’re a content producer, programmer, filmmaker, or religious media producer, you need to get a copy and join the conversation about the future of media.

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  1. Phil, I have my Borders gift card from Christmas in a safe place and look forward to the read. Really hoping the book goes well for you and heats up the religious television-media creation pot a bit. I am wondering these days, will writing a book ever become irrelevant to today’s twitters and bloggers?

    Speaking of, will you be blogging or twittering from NRB? would love to hear your thoughts on what you experience there. Thanks also for your extensive post on the Ted Haggard doc, an honest take.

  2. Congratulations, Phil!

    Just a word to let everyone know, Phil will be on my show this Sunday night at 9PM Easter/6 Pacific on Sirius Satellite Radio, channel 161. Don’t have Sirius? On Sunday, go to  They will give you a three day free trial and you can listen online!

    We will be Live Blogging the show as well at 

    The show is interactive, so if you want to call in, we would love to hear from you during the show as we discuss this book!

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