Lion’s Den Principles – Working in the Entertainment and Media Industries

After the recenet post on Andy Crouch’s article, Dr. Larry Poland at Mastermedia reminded me of his excellent online series “Lion’s Den Survival Principles.” As Larry puts it: Are you working in the media industry? Congratulations! You could be a modern-day Daniel (or “Danielle”) serving under the rule of a “foreign king” with enemies looking for the right opportunity to have you cast into the lions’ den.

If you are a person of faith, you probably experience daily the dynamic tension between operating successfully in the media and living a life that pleases God. The Hebrew scriptures tells of a young man, Daniel, who was thrown into a lions’ den because of his beliefs. Interestingly, he not only survives, but thrives!

If you can relate to Daniel, then you will find this 24-part series illuminating 57 survival principles by Dr. Larry Poland insightful, refreshing, and perhaps even life-changing. Check it out

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  1. Dr. Poland,

    Just wanted to send a note to say thanks for the impact you made on my life!  I probably/ ok I did not show the appreciation I should have at the time, but now as I get older I still remember many of the values I learned in our wisdom class.Besides the fact that I can not say the word rassafrat without thinking of you. may God continue to bless you and your family!!                                         In Christ, Tom

  2. Thanks, Tom,

    I view the single most significant impact on my life and success being due to the fact that I have spent at least some time in Proverbs nearly every month for the last 30 years!
    Media Professionals are so immersed in a work world and peer pressure dominated by values that come from the folly-filled world culture ("conventional wisdom") that they lose track of the virtues God has wired into the system.  These virtues are found in the Scriptures and condensed in practical "how-to's" in Proverbs.
    Every Christian media professional I know who is successful by God's standards lives by the precepts in Proverbs.
    God bless,

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