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The Impact of Keeping it Short – and Honest

I’ve been going through some old reference materials and came across this old quote from writer and pastor Jamie Buckingham:

“What the kingdom needs is more preachers like a pastor I heard in Fort Worth.  Two years ago I sat listening to him preach at a pastor’s conference.  I was just thinking, He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, when he stopped in mid-sentence.  He paused, scratched his head, and then with wonderful honesty confessed “I don’t know what I’m talking about.”  With that he sat down. Now THAT was a sermon worth hearing.”

Sometimes, being honest, and sitting down is the best strategy.

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  1. Jamie Buckingham was an amazing and gifted writer, a man able to share his flaws and teach others from the pain of his experiences. We need more Jamie Buckinghams.

  2. Loved Jamie Buckingham…wanted to “grow up” and be like him as a writer. Still working on that…

  3. Jamie was transparent, entertaining and could stab through your chest with his typing fingers, pull out your still beating heart and show it to you before you knew what was happening. He was very open with much of his life! But he had secrets. Sadly, there are not many safe places for those with secrets. Jamie would have loved Bo’s Cafe (John Lynch I think). It’s a fictional place populated by a brutally transparent, mutually supportive, grace extending group of honest sinners. There is no real place like that. There are pretend places, but true secrets are seldom revealed. I read a tweet recently that said simply: “You are your secrets.” What a profound insight. My secrets are robbing me daily. I have no real point here. The nostalgia of remembering Jamie triggered a need to expose myself… In an anonymous venue. How’s that for stand up transparency?

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