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Joel Osteen – A Perspective from a Kenyan Atheist

Check out this weblink from an avowed Maxist/Atheist from Kenya, wondering why American Christians resent Houston Pastor Joel Osteen so much. Theological Reflections from a Kenyan Ex-Christian Called Onyango Oloo.

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  1. Joel  osteen;is a good Preacher,and I as Christain  and a Loyal-American,has  the  greatest  love and admeration  for  Pastor Joel  Osteen.  I  look forward to listening  to his teachings  every-Sunday  at 9:00., understanding,knowledge as well as his GOD,given wisdom,helps me greatly.I don't  kow where your getting your inforamtion, but my sincer advise to you is stop allowing the Devil  to lie to you and don't belive him,AMEN  PRAISE  GOD!

  2. yeah, I actually saw that interview on Larry King! It played out visually much differently than it reads! I was very disappointed in his answers and it is not JUST a matter of disagreeing with an opinion. We are talking some of THE questions of our faith. If you can't get it right….well……. Also, he did put up a response on his website mentioning that his handlers did not properly prepare him for the interview. WHAT??!! We are talking about THE question of all Questions here!!! I would like to see where he stands today.

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